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About “The Guitar”
“The Guitar” tells the poignant story of Rajesh, a once-successful elderly man who finds himself at a crossroads in life. His relentless pursuit of material success came at the cost of neglecting his family, leading to their eventual departure and leaving Rajesh isolated and despondent. Struggling with loneliness and regret, he stumbles upon an old guitar tucked away in his attic, a relic of his youth and forgotten passion for music. With hesitant fingers, Rajesh begins to pluck at its strings, unlocking memories of happier times and a profound connection to the soulful melodies he creates.

As Rajesh delves deeper into the world of music, the guitar becomes his sanctuary and a source of healing. Through late-night strumming sessions and earnest attempts to learn new chords, he rediscovers a sense of purpose and joy that had long eluded him. Each note he plays resonates with his journey of self-discovery, offering solace and a renewed perspective on life’s priorities. “The Guitar” is a heartfelt exploration of redemption and second chances, illustrating how the pursuit of one’s passions can ignite inner transformation and pave the way to finding inner peace and fulfilment, even in the twilight years of life.

From the Director’s Pen

As the director of “THE GUITAR” the idea stemmed from a deep reflection on the human condition and the transformative power of art, particularly music. I was inspired by the universal theme of individuals becoming consumed by their careers and material pursuits, often at the expense of their personal lives and relationships. Rajesh’s character embodies this struggle—a successful man whose dedication to his career led to the neglect of his family, culminating in their departure and his subsequent loneliness and depression.

I, Syed Sajid Bilgrami, am deeply honoured, excited, and grateful that our short film “THE GUITAR” has been selected for the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival YouTube channel by the esteemed jury. My journey into filmmaking began during my childhood days, accompanying my cousin, a filmmaker based in the U.S., to film shoots. Fascinated by the entire filmmaking process, I spent weekends visiting shoot locations, asking questions, and eagerly learning about the craft.


My filmmaking journey officially started in 2010 with the independent short film “Help,” which I ventured into as a hobbyist filmmaker. Seeking to refine my skills, I attended various filmmaking workshops at Prasad Labs, delving deeper into the art and techniques of storytelling through film. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working on diverse projects, including documentaries like “Ancient Ashoor Khanas of Hyderabad,” which explored the cultural significance of Muhurram and was screened at Hyderabad’s Lamakaan cultural centre.


“The Guitar” is a culmination of my passion for storytelling, aiming to depict the intricate tapestry of human relationships from childhood to old age. Through this film, I sought to explore profound emotions such as love, anger, abandonment, solitude, and sadness. The guitar itself symbolises healing in Rajesh’s journey, aiding him in overcoming grief and depression to find solace and happiness through creating music in solitude.


As I continue to embark on my filmmaking endeavours, I am committed to learning and evolving, recognizing that the journey of discovery and creativity in filmmaking is endless.

The significance of respecting family sentiments and cultivating enriching hobbies

“THE GUITAR delves into a tapestry of human emotions and philosophies, spanning the perspectives of a young boy, an elderly man, a son, a father, and other family members. Each individual carries a unique set of emotions and beliefs ingrained in their personalities from birth.”

“In this poignant short film, ‘THE GUITAR,’ Rajesh narrates his life journey and passionately expresses his devotion to his hobby. Meanwhile, his father harbours expectations for academic success, and the family places importance on fulfilling responsibilities with care and dedication.”

In the short film “THE GUITAR,” we observe a poignant truth: when emotions are wounded, natural reactions follow. Rajesh, abandoned by everyone, finds solace and companionship in his guitar during his most profound moments of loneliness. This narrative underscores a universal yearning for fulfilment, often leading individuals to prioritize their own desires at the expense of precious relationships.


The film poignantly illustrates the consequences of neglecting the needs and feelings of others. Through Rajesh’s journey, we are reminded of the importance of mutual respect and empathy in nurturing meaningful connections. His experience highlights the delicate balance required to sustain relationships, a lesson underscored by his reliance on his hobby to navigate the depths of depression and despair without resorting to harmful coping mechanisms like drugs or sleeping pills.


Ultimately, “THE GUITAR” advocates for a profound respect for all facets of life, emphasizing that true fulfilment and harmony in relationships stem from acknowledging and valuing the emotions and contributions of others. Rajesh’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of passion and resilience in overcoming adversity and preserving the delicate fabric of human connection.

About the Cinematographer – Sunny Sharma
I am Sunny Sharma, a visionary filmmaker, adept colour grading artist, and skilled editor. My journey into filmmaking began in 2017 when I relocated from Siliguri, West Bengal to Hyderabad, driven by a deep-seated ambition to showcase my creative vision to the world through cinema. My pursuit of this dream led me to enrol in a Diploma course at Arena Animation in 2016. Eager to broaden my horizons, I subsequently pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree from JNFAU, completing it in 2021.


As a freelance filmmaker, I am known for infusing raw emotions and a touch of reality into my films, captivating audiences with narratives that resonate deeply. Among my notable works are “Udaan,” “Guitar,” “Maaya,” and several others, each reflecting my passion for storytelling and dedication to craftsmanship. I thrive on being intricately involved in all stages of filmmaking, from pre-production to post-production, where I handle tasks ranging from screenplay development and shot division to shooting, colour grading, and editing. This comprehensive approach has equipped me with diverse skills and insights, empowering me to enrich the cinematic experiences I create.


Looking ahead, I am determined to achieve numerous milestones in my filmmaking journey, driven by my unwavering passion, diligence, and enthusiasm for the art of storytelling through film.


Dr Mohd Fouzuddin 

Joseph Sunder

Story Voice over and Poetry
Dr Mohd Fouzuddin 

Mohd Danish Kabir

Cinematography and Edit
Sunny Sharma 


Management Co Ordinators
Mohd Irfan and Mohd Wasif Ahmed 


Media Partner
Fastest Courier Services Intl


Sajid Bilgrami 

Awards and recognitions
Short Film “UDAAN” was honoured with an official selection and invited to the Nobel International Film Festival 2021 at ANT-A Theatre for Art in Bengaluru.


Additionally, “UDAAN” received a prestigious invitation to the Golden FEMI Film Festival Award Ceremony held on June 10, 2023, under the esteemed patronage of the Vice President of Bulgaria.


Moreover, “THE GUITAR”, “TALAASH” and “UDAAN” have been selected as official entries for the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival 2025, further solidifying their recognition in the global film community.

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