Thank You for Coming Critics Review

“Thank You for Coming” tells the story of Kanika Kapoor (played by Bhumi Pednekar), a woman living in Delhi with her mother Beena (Natasha Rastogi) and her grandmother Kishori (Dolly Ahluwalia). Kanika has faced criticism throughout her life for being raised by a single mother and for her liberal views. Her quest for love leads her through various relationships, but none of them seem to last. As she approaches her 32nd birthday, she is disheartened by her inability to find lasting love and has never experienced an orgasm.

On her birthday, she meets Arjun Malhotra (Karan Kundra), who initially shows interest but arrives at her party with another date, Rushi Kalra (Shehnaaz Gill). Kanika and Rushi become friends, and Rushi advises Kanika to marry someone who truly loves her. Kanika finds this love in Jeevan (Pradhuman Singh), a simple man selling toilet showers. Despite the reservations of her mother and friends Pallavi (Dolly Singh) and Tina (Shibani Bedi), Kanika agrees to marry Jeevan.

At their engagement party, Kanika invites her ex-boyfriends, leading to a night of excessive drinking. She wakes up the next morning with no memory of the previous night but realizes she experienced an orgasm for the first time. The mystery arises as she can’t recall with whom she spent the night – Jeevan, Booni, Shekhar, Rahul, or Professor.

The film touches on various important themes, such as childhood traumas, societal shaming of women, and the lack of awareness around female sexual satisfaction. It uses humor and emotional moments to convey these messages effectively.

However, some aspects of the screenplay could have been better, and the film moves rapidly, making certain character developments seem abrupt. Additionally, the film doesn’t delve into the professional lives of the female characters, missing an opportunity to highlight their achievements. The humor is somewhat limited, and the school-based finale is deemed somewhat silly.

Performance-wise, Bhumi Pednekar shines in a role quite different from her previous ones. The supporting cast, including Dolly Singh, Shibani Bedi, and Pradhuman Singh, delivers commendable performances. Anil Kapoor’s cameo is a standout moment.

The songs, while well-integrated into the narrative, lack chartbuster appeal. Cinematography, styling, and production design contribute positively to the film’s aesthetics. Editing maintains a sharp pace.

In summary, “Thank You for Coming” is a progressive film that tackles important subjects, blending humor with social commentary. While it has its share of entertaining moments and surprises, it falls short in terms of its script, humor, and the climax. Its niche appeal may limit its box office success, as it’s likely to resonate primarily with a select multiplex audience.

The film reserves a fair 2.5/5 rating

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