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About “Sunn Toh
“Sunn Toh” plunges the audience into the tense and exhilarating world of theatre. As the film opens, we find two actors, portrayed by Gaonkar and Hiru, on the verge of what promises to be the greatest performance of their careers. The atmosphere is thick with anticipation, but beneath the surface, a simmering conflict threatens to derail their big moment. This conflict arises from a single, consequential misstep, leading to a dramatic

clash between one actor’s deeply felt emotions and the other’s unwavering principles.


The film’s storyline is built around this critical juncture. As the characters navigate their inner turmoil and the pressing demands of their imminent performance, “Sunn Toh” poses a compelling question: Will the show still go on? This inquiry drives the narrative forward, creating a gripping tension that holds the audience captive from start to finish.


Drupad Gaonkar’s performance is a masterclass in emotive acting. His portrayal of a character driven by emotion is both powerful and nuanced, his every gesture and expression conveying a raw intensity that draws viewers into his internal struggle. In contrast, Pranabjyoti Hiru’s character is a bastion of principle, his calm exterior and measured responses providing a stark counterpoint to Gaonkar’s fervour. Hiru’s ability to convey the depth of his character’s internal conflict through subtlety and restraint is a testament to his acting prowess.

DPIFF Short Film Release

From the director’s pen

Gavin Methalaka, the director says.
“Sunn Toh” is a film about Communication or the lack of it. 

It stems from the idea that men fall short of words to articulate themselves when they are deeply hurt which makes them unable express it. Sometime they aren’t understood, let alone heard.

Here, a man of Passion, and a man of Principle cross paths with dilemma and express in the only way they know possible. Thus, pushing them to the conclusion ‘Does the show go on’? 


The foundation of this film in multi-layered. The idea was born when I wanted to tell a story using the tools of improvisation and Mime. As an artist myself, I was fairly trained in the toolsets of Improv and mime and I wanted to use it to drive the film. 


My actors, Pranabjyoti Hiru, a PWD Officer for the water department of Assam by day, and a Mime and Clowning practitioner by night; and Drupad Gaonkar, a full time Mime practitioner and Tutor from Auroville, Pondi, were what the film needed. Together they have been performing Mime as a Duo for 6 years+ for every holiday season, Government Initiatives and Events around the country. I wanted to tap into their chemistry of their relationship and use it as a support to tell my story. They were enthusiastic the moment I narrated the idea.

Chalking it to unavailability and time, this idea was nursed for 5 years. One evening of March 2023, filled with helplessness and frustration, I channelled it into a conscious decision to make this film. I started making plans and phone calls. Gaurang Bhati as Cinematographer, Abraham Anthony Soni as Production Head, Adrian Machado for Sound & Paromita Chatterjee for location came on board. 


With the pitch deck ready, I sourced for funding. A KETTO crowdfunding account was set up and we generated 40% of the required ask. The rest was self-funded and favours, which all went towards Artist Logistics, Pre-Production, Lighting, Camera Equipment, Post Production, Editing and Support Staff. 

On the day of the shoot, friends donated expensive sound equipment, SET pieces, Logistics. The actors were ferried in from Assam and Pondicherry respectively, and the 2 days of prepping, rehearsing, shooting commenced and concluded. It took 2 months for this film to be edited, by Manish Ingale, and just in time to submit to festivals around India before I stepped into prepping for my own wedding the following week. This was a product of love and support. 

The film is currently doing its rounds of the Film Festivals across the globe and has managed to garner some reward and recognition and it has seen its share of rejection too.


But there is a supreme feeling when an institution like DADASAHEB PHALKE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL approves of your film and gives you the much-needed validation that you need at your moment of self-doubt. 


Thank you DPIFF for acknowledging my Cast, my Team, my Staff, my Donors, my Friends, and Me. On to Film number 2.”

About the Cinematographer – Gavin Methalaka
Gavin Methalaka’s direction is a key factor in the film’s success. His ability to craft a complex narrative within the confines of a short film is truly remarkable. Methalaka’s script is tightly woven, with every line and scene meticulously designed to deepen the audience’s understanding of the characters and the stakes of their conflict. His direction ensures that the film remains engaging and thought-provoking throughout its runtime.


The cinematography by Gaurang Bhati significantly enhances the storytelling. Bhati’s keen eye for detail is evident in every frame, with lighting and composition used to underscore the emotional weight of each scene. The visual language of “Sunn Toh” is both striking and evocative, adding an additional layer of depth to the film’s narrative.


Sound design, often an overlooked aspect of filmmaking, plays a crucial role in “Sunn Toh.” Adrian Machado’s work in this area is nothing short of exceptional. The sound design meticulously complements the film’s narrative, using a combination of sound effects and silence to heighten tension and accentuate moments of introspection and confrontation. This careful auditory layering enhances the immersive experience, allowing the audience to fully engage with the story.


The production quality of “Sunn Toh” is a testament to the collaborative efforts of its team. Associate producers Anthony Soni and Paramita Chatterjee have ensured that the film maintains a high standard in every aspect, from its production values to its storytelling. Their contributions have been instrumental in bringing Methalaka’s vision to life, resulting in a polished and impactful final product.

Actors: Drupad Gaonkar | Pranabjyoti Hiru
Director, Writer, Producer: Gavin Methalaka 

Cinematographer: Gaurang Bhati
Associate Producer: Anthony Soni | Paramita Chatterjee Sound Design: Adrian Machado


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