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About “Nine O Nine”

“Nine O Nine” unfolds amidst a pandemic-stricken evening, where disparate lives intertwine in a web of paranormal encounters, theft, and unexpected twists. The story begins with woodcutter Akbar’s eerie experience of paranormal activity while returning home through the forest. Simultaneously, drama artist Shankar, leisurely relaxing outside his house, discovers his mobile stolen and embarks on a chase into the woods after the thief, Tony.

Meanwhile, Tony finds himself detained at the police station by ASI Thakur and Constable Gopal, who prepare to present him before the magistrate for the theft. Their journey is interrupted when they encounter Sarala, Shaani’s mother, reporting Shaani missing, plunging Thakur and Gopal into deep anxiety. Despite their concern, they advise Sarala to wait at home while they proceed towards the magistrate’s residence.

En route, their path intersects with a frantic Akbar on the forest road, who insists on recounting his paranormal encounter. Thakur dismisses Akbar’s claims as mere fabrications and fires back, only for Akbar to challenge them to investigate the phenomenon themselves. Reluctantly, they agree and arrive at the scene, leading to a series of chaotic events that unfold in a darkly humorous climax.

From the Director’s Pen
As the director of “Nine O Nine,” my vision was to create a narrative that blends elements of suspense, humour, and the supernatural against the backdrop of a pandemic. The film explores the unpredictability of human behaviour when faced with extraordinary circumstances, weaving together multiple storylines that converge in unexpected ways. Each character’s journey is infused with layers of complexity and irony, revealing their vulnerabilities and resilience amidst chaos. Through nuanced storytelling and a blend of genres, from paranormal thriller to dark comedy, “Nine O Nine” challenges perceptions and offers a poignant reflection on human nature in times of crisis.


In its conclusion, “Nine O Nine” leaves audiences with a mix of introspection and laughter, as the characters’ lives intersect in a bizarre yet oddly satisfying resolution. The chaotic events in the forest force each character to confront their fears, assumptions, and preconceptions, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of themselves and each other. The film’s dark humor punctuates moments of tension, offering a refreshing take on how unpredictability can lead to personal growth and unexpected connections. Through its unconventional narrative structure and poignant moments, “Nine O Nine” lingers in the mind, inviting viewers to ponder the complexities of human experience and the resilience found in moments of absurdity.

About the Cinematographer – Sandeep Hospet

Sandeep Hospet, the cinematographer of “Nine O Nine,” brings a distinct visual style that enhances the film’s narrative depth and atmosphere. His mastery of light and composition captures the eerie yet captivating essence of the forest, heightening the suspense and supernatural elements of the story. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for creating evocative imagery, Sandeep’s cinematography not only supports the director’s vision but elevates it, immersing viewers in the surreal and unpredictable world of “Nine O Nine.” His collaboration with the director ensures that each frame serves not only to advance the plot but also to evoke emotion and provoke thought, making “Nine O Nine” a visually compelling and narratively rich cinematic experience.


Written and directed by : Sandeep Hospet
Produced by: Chakrapani Hospet
Cinematographer: Abhishek Mrityunjay Pandey
Co-producer: Rajvardhan Bijapure
Executive producers: Yesh Gowda and Ajith Subbarao
Cast: Shakeel Ahmmad, Dharaneesha Prasad, Chakrapani Hospet, Vishal Patil, Kallappa Pujer, Raghu CM, Hanumakka
BGM: Pruthvi Mangiri
Sfx: Shankar
Di: Future fx
Art Director: Raghu Mysore
J Sharma

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