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About “Khola Janala”

In an era where corruption often taints the path to success, the short film “Khola Janala” offers a refreshing narrative of resilience and moral integrity. Premiering on the DPIFF (Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival) YouTube channel, this short film is a compelling testament to the power of talent, sincerity, and unyielding courage.


Produced by Sanjay Sarkar on behalf of Serampore Betarbani Media Network (OPC) Pvt. Limited, “Khola Janala” brings together an accomplished team of filmmakers and artists. Dr. Pradip Kumar Das, both the director and story writer, crafts a narrative that is as poignant as it is inspiring. Sanjib Naskar directs the short film with a keen eye for detail, supported by the evocative cinematography of Nilanjan Biswas.


“Khola Janala” tells the story of a teacher’s daughter who, despite excelling academically, struggles to secure a job in the corrupt school service system. Refusing to pay bribes, she remains steadfast in her principles, showcasing her talent and sincerity in the face of systemic corruption. Her unwavering resolve eventually leads to her being appointed as a school teacher purely on her merit.


The film reaches its emotional peak when she receives her appointment letter, a moment marked by her opening the closed windows in her room. This act symbolizes the expulsion of the corrupt, stagnant air and the embrace of new, honest opportunities. “Khola Janala” is not just a story of individual triumph but a broader commentary on societal values and the power of integrity.


“Khola Janala,” which translates to “open window” in Bengali, holds a profound cultural and symbolic significance. Beyond its literal meaning as a physical opening, it embodies an invitation to embrace openness, curiosity, and connection with the world around us. In Bengali tradition, the act of opening a window signifies more than just allowing light and fresh air into a space; it represents a moment of contemplation, a gateway to new perspectives, and an opportunity for introspection. It symbolizes a desire to welcome positivity, creativity, and inspiration into our lives, fostering a sense of freedom and possibility.

DPIFF Short Film Release

From the Director’s Pen

From the director’s point of view, directing “Khola Janala” was a deeply personal journey into exploring themes of openness, discovery, and the transformative power of embracing new perspectives. Through the metaphor of an open window, I aimed to capture moments of introspection and connection, where characters navigate their inner landscapes while being influenced by the changing world outside. The film delves into the complexities of human relationships, the beauty of cultural traditions, and the universal desire for freedom and authenticity. Cinematographer Pradip Das, sought to visually articulate these themes, using light, composition, and symbolism to evoke emotions and provoke thought. “Khola Janala” is not just a film but a poetic exploration of life’s possibilities, inviting audiences to reflect on the significance of openness and integrity in their own journeys.

The Importance of Integrity in life’s journey

Integrity, often described as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, is fundamental to building trust and maintaining meaningful relationships, both personally and professionally. It encompasses consistency in actions, words, and beliefs, even in the face of challenges or temptations. Integrity forms the cornerstone of ethical conduct and is crucial for fostering respect, credibility, and transparency in all interactions. It ensures that individuals and organizations uphold their values and commitments, thereby contributing to a positive and trustworthy environment.

In today’s interconnected world, where information spreads rapidly and reputations are built on credibility, integrity serves as a guiding principle for making ethical decisions and navigating complex situations with integrity ensures that individuals and organizations uphold their values and commitments, thereby contributing to a positive and trustworthy environment.


“Khola Janala” is more than just a short film; it is a tribute to those who dare to stand against corruption and uphold their values. The protagonist’s journey reflects the struggles faced by many in real life who choose the path of integrity over easy success. Her story is an inspiration, encouraging viewers to believe in the power of honesty and perseverance.


The film’s release on the DPIFF YouTube channel allows it to reach a wider audience, amplifying its message. DPIFF, known for celebrating excellence in filmmaking, provides the perfect platform for “Khola Janala”. The festival’s commitment to showcasing films that address significant social issues aligns with the core message of this short film.


Short films like “Khola Janala” play a crucial role in contemporary cinema. They provide filmmakers with the opportunity to tell impactful stories in a concise format, reaching audiences with powerful messages in a short span of time. “Khola Janala” exemplifies this, using its limited runtime to deliver a potent commentary on corruption and integrity.

“Khola Janala” is a film that stays with you long after the credits roll. It is a celebration of the human spirit, a reminder that integrity and perseverance can triumph over corruption and adversity. As it premieres on the DPIFF YouTube channel, viewers are invited to experience a story that is both personal and universal, a story that inspires hope and champions the power of honesty.


“Khola Janala” and the concept of integrity remind us of the importance of openness, authenticity, and ethical conduct in our lives. Just as a window invites light and fresh air into a room, embracing integrity allows us to uphold our values, build trust, and forge meaningful connections. Let us strive to keep our windows open, both literally and metaphorically, to welcome the richness of life, creativity, and moral courage into our journey.

Cinematographer’s Journey

The production of “Khola Janala” is a testament to the collaborative effort of a dedicated team. Sanjay Sarkar, the producer, ensured that the vision of Dr. Pradip Kumar Das was brought to life with precision and emotional depth. Dr. Das, whose dual role as director and story writer infused the film with authenticity and insight, crafted a narrative that resonates with viewers on multiple levels.


Short film director Sanjib Naskar’s direction is marked by a deep understanding of the film’s themes and characters. His ability to extract nuanced performances from the cast and create an engaging visual narrative is commendable. The cinematography by Nilanjan Biswas adds another layer of depth to the film. His use of light and shadow, combined with thoughtful framing, enhances the storytelling, making the film a visual treat.

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