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About “Dhostan
“Dhostan” unfolds as a gripping Telugu action drama, helmed by producer and director Suryanarayana Akkammagari. The narrative centers around Jai and Ram, who are raised under the care of Baba, a mechanic shop owner. Following Baba’s demise, Ram takes over the responsibilities of the shop while navigating the complexities of life in their community. Meanwhile, Jai forms a close friendship with Nithya, a bond that faces a severe test when Nithya and Riya, her friend, fall victim to bullying by a college student who happens to be the son of a powerful figure known as Bhai.

As tensions escalate and threats loom large, Jai and Ram find themselves drawn into a battle against injustice and oppression. The film explores themes of courage, loyalty, and the resilience of friendship as they confront daunting challenges to protect the honor and safety of Nithya and Riya. “Dhostan” promises a blend of adrenaline-pumping action sequences and heartfelt moments, highlighting the protagonists’ determination to stand up against wrongdoing and fight for justice, even in the face of formidable adversaries.

From the director’s pen
As the director and producer of “Dhostan,” I envisioned a compelling narrative that blends action-packed drama with heartfelt themes of loyalty and courage.

Through intense action sequences and poignant moments of camaraderie, the film explores themes of resilience and the power of unity in the face of adversity. My vision for “Dhostan” is to capture the essence of human determination and the unwavering spirit of standing up for what is right, resonating with audiences through its dynamic storytelling and impactful portrayal of everyday heroes.

About the Cinematographer – by Akkammagari Suryanarayana
As a cinematographer-turned-director, Akkammagari Suryanarayana brings a wealth of technical expertise and artistic vision to the film “Dhostan.” His background in cinematography has endowed him with a keen eye for visual storytelling, evident in his meticulous framing, use of lighting, and ability to evoke emotion through the camera lens. Suryanarayana’s skill lies in capturing the essence of scenes with precision, whether conveying moments of action-packed intensity or subtle emotional depth. His mastery of cinematography not only enhances the narrative flow of “Dhostan” but also enriches the audience’s cinematic experience, immersing them in the world of the characters and their struggles.


Throughout his career, Suryanarayana has garnered accolades for his contributions to the Indian film industry. His work on “Dhostan” showcases his ability to translate a compelling storyline into captivating visuals that resonate with audiences. From dynamic action sequences to poignant character moments, Suryanarayana’s cinematography in “Dhostan” has earned praise for its seamless integration with the narrative, creating a cohesive visual tapestry that enhances the film’s overall impact. His dedication to his craft and commitment to storytelling through visuals have solidified his reputation as a versatile filmmaker capable of delivering both technical prowess and artistic depth on screen.


Cast- Sidswaroop Pujari (SSP) 
R Karrttikeya
Maharshi ramana 
Chandhrushe gowda
Suryanarayana A


Movie Name: Dhostan
Banner: Sri Surya Movie Creations
Director and Producer – Suryanarayana Akkammagari 

Story – Sidswaroop Pujari (SSP)
Co-Director – Ganesh Mutyala
Asst Directors –
Kaushil, Kayala, Balu, Subramanyam, Manisai 
Associate Director – Srinivas (Kanna) , Badulla 
Stills – Anil Kumar 

Art – The Kanna
Costume Designer – Raja
Makeup – Suresh, Nagesh, Lasya, Mounika, Srinivas, Mani
Post Production – Pradeep Studios
Dubbing Engineer – Nikhil Das
Editor – Sudheer
Dop – Venatesh Karri
Publicity Desiner – Hari Babu Uppe
PRO: Madhu VR
Audio On #adityamusic 

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