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About “Countless”
In this intriguing narrative, we follow the journey of a man who embarks on what he expects to be a casual encounter but finds himself drawn into an unexpected and prolonged entanglement with a woman. What starts as a simple decision to spend one night together evolves into a series of countless nights intertwined with the same woman. As the nights turn into weeks and months, the man is confronted with a mixture of emotions and questions about the nature of their relationship.


The story explores the complexities of human connections and the blurred boundaries between punctuality, love, and lust. It delves into the evolving dynamics between the man and the woman, portraying their journey through moments of intimacy, doubt, and perhaps even transformation. As the protagonist navigates this unconventional relationship, he grapples with his own feelings and desires, trying to decipher whether their prolonged connection is driven by genuine affection, the allure of physical attraction, or something entirely different that defies conventional labels. This exploration challenges perceptions of relationships and invites reflection on the multifaceted nature of human connections beyond mere physicality.

From the Director’s Pen
As a director, delving into the story of a man who unexpectedly finds himself entangled in a prolonged relationship with a woman after what was meant to be a casual encounter was both intriguing and challenging. The journey began with the exploration of human psychology and emotions, particularly focusing on how initial intentions can evolve into something far deeper and more complex. The idea stemmed from a fascination with the unpredictable nature of human connections and how seemingly mundane decisions can lead to profound consequences.


From a director’s perspective, crafting this narrative involved delving into the nuances of relationships and the intricate dynamics between the characters. It was about capturing the essence of each moment, from the initial spark of attraction to the gradual unfolding of emotions over countless nights spent together. The storyline unfolded organically, allowing the characters to evolve naturally as they navigated the blurred lines between punctuality, love, lust, and the enigmatic qualities of human connection that defy easy categorization. The directorial approach aimed to portray these complexities authentically, inviting the audience to ponder the deeper meanings behind the characters’ choices and the transformative power of unexpected relationships.

In concluding the narrative of a man who embarks on a seemingly casual encounter only to find himself deeply intertwined with the same woman over time, the story prompts reflection on the fluidity of human relationships. It challenges conventional notions of love, lust, and even the concept of punctuality, blurring the lines between initial intentions and unforeseen emotional connections. The journey of the characters unfolds as they navigate through moments of intimacy, doubt, and self-discovery, each night together revealing layers of their personalities and desires.


Ultimately, the conclusion suggests that human connections are multifaceted and often defy simple categorization. What begins as a spontaneous decision evolves into a profound exploration of companionship, desire, and the intricacies of the human heart. It underscores the unpredictability of life’s twists and turns, where a chance encounter can lead to profound personal growth and understanding. The story’s resolution invites contemplation on the nature of relationships, leaving the audience with a lingering question: could this unexpected journey between the man and the woman transcend mere coincidence and instead signify a deeper, more meaningful connection?

About the Cinematographer – Jijo Sengupta
Jijo Sengupta is a visionary director whose passion for storytelling is matched only by his meticulous attention to detail. With a background steeped in visual arts and cinematography, Jijo brings a unique perspective to every project he undertakes. His journey in the world of filmmaking began at a young age, fueled by a deep-seated fascination with capturing human emotions and narratives on screen. Over the years, Jijo has honed his directorial skills through a blend of formal education and hands-on experience, culminating in a distinctive style that seamlessly merges artistry with technical prowess.

As a director, Jijo Sengupta is known for his ability to delve into complex themes and portray them with authenticity and nuance. His storytelling is characterized by a deep understanding of character motivations and interpersonal dynamics, which he weaves into compelling narratives that resonate with audiences. Whether exploring the intricacies of human relationships or delving into societal issues, Jijo’s films are marked by their thought-provoking content and visual flair. His dedication to cinematic excellence and his unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries make him a formidable presence in the world of filmmaking, promising audiences captivating stories that leave a lasting impact.




Neelam Sivia
Apoorv Singh
Pranita Achrekar


Written & Directed by
Jijo Sengupta


Produced by 
Jaya Sengupta


Director of Photography
Ashish Kamble


1st AD
Santosh Panigrahi



Jijo Sengupta
Santosh Panigrahi


Music Produced, Mixed & Mastered By 
Jimmy Joy & Ashish Anand


Chief Lighting Technician 
Nikhil Bhope


Jijo Sengupta


Social Media Team 
Kanchan Kulkarni
Arun Kumar Mahendramani 
Sakshi Mirkar

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