Nikita Sahu

Ms. Nikita Sahu 

Marketing Head

Ms. Nikita Sahu is the Marketing Head at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival (DPIFF). As a seasoned marketing professional, Ms. Sahu leads the festival’s marketing efforts with a focus on broadening its reach and amplifying its impact. Her strategic acumen and innovative approach are key to crafting effective marketing campaigns that highlight the significance and charm of the festival.


In her role, Ms. Sahu is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies that attract a wide and diverse audience. She works tirelessly to ensure that the festival’s message and vision are communicated effectively, fostering a deeper appreciation for Indian cinema. Her ability to analyze market trends and audience preferences enables her to tailor campaigns that resonate deeply with both industry professionals and cinema enthusiasts.


Ms. Sahu’s leadership is marked by her dedication to expanding the festival’s footprint, leveraging various channels to enhance visibility and engagement. Her work not only drives attendance but also builds lasting relationships with stakeholders, sponsors, and partners, ensuring the festival’s continued success and growth.


With her passion for marketing and commitment to celebrating cinematic excellence, Ms. Nikita Sahu is a vital part of the DPIFF team, contributing significantly to the festival’s prestige and outreach.